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Date Added: 1/5/2005
Added By: john
Identified: Yes!   

From John, 1/8/2005 2:30:12 PM:

Mid 80s song about a hitman or a hit (maybe called The Hit?), with a chorus like "Don't double cross the ones you love; Don't double cross the ones you need etc. etc."

Starts off:
A little shot...into the night
Spilling the colours of the neon light
Baxter(?)the hitman is driving with his crew
The baddest boys both born and raised in ....
They're looking for a man named Sweet Tyrone
......he was a friend
But is no more
He broke the main rule that controls the street
You don't mess with the ones you love
The ones you need


From Ali, 11/27/2006 9:33:13 PM:

"Don't double cross the ones you love"

sung by Reuben Blades in the Nick Nolte - Tim Hutton - Armand Assante film "Q & A".

From Ali, 11/27/2006 9:55:07 PM:

Just double checked - what I wrote above is from IMDB (someone obviously only did half the research!) and is slightly innaccurate. The song is called "The Hit" from RUBEN BLADES 1988 English language album "Nothing But the Truth".
It is a good thing I am pedantic. Probably.

From Ali, 11/27/2006 9:56:35 PM:

"The Hit" R. Blades
Nothing But the Truth

A metal shark cuts into the night,
spilling the colors of the neon lights.
Papo, the hitman, is driving with his crew,
the Pérez boys. All born and raised in Barrio truth.
They’re looking for a man
named “Sweet Tyrone.”
In better days he was a friend
but is no more.
He broke the main rule that controls the street:
don’t double-cross the ones you love, the ones you need.

Don’t double-cross the ones you love.
Don’t double-cross the ones you need.
‘Cause you never know. ‘Cause no one can say when
you’ll need a friend out on the street.
Don’t double-cross.

The metal shark parked across a downtown bar.
The barrio boys slid off the car.
The sawed-off shotguns pressed against their legs.
They’re wearing raincoats and a dead-end face.
Inside the bar, the jukebox played a song about a woman
and a long lost love.
It’s Friday night. The crowd is loose and loud.
It smells of piss, of beer and worki

From Ali, 11/27/2006 9:58:06 PM:

It smells of piss, of beer and working clothes.
The boys went in behind the colors.


“Sweet Tyrone” was on a corner, drinking rum and cokes,
holding a young girl he thought he owned.
When he saw the homeboys coming, he turned and
backed against the wall.
The girl broke off his last embrace and ran.
And before Tyrone could draw his gun,
two shotgun blasts ended his evening’s fun.
In the bar, nobody turned around.
This part of town won’t stand for clowns.

The barrio boys slowly walked and left the bar.
They slapped some high fives and got inside the car.
The girl came out, and Papo paid her as agreed.
Into the night, they disappeared.
The street had spoken.


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