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Date Added: 11/21/2002
Added By: Paul Miceli
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From James, 11/22/2002 1:32:00 PM:


When I first heard this song, the sound was familiar but I'm sure I've never heard it before. The artist that popped into my head a moment ago was The Church. I don't know too many of their songs, but this sounds similar to the ones I do know. I'm looking up lyrics now to see if I can find it. Regardless of who sang it, I'm anxious to learn the identity. I can see we probably won't be depending on the remarkable Paul Miceli for this one, though.

Thanks for all your help on this fantastic web site!

From Paul Miceli, 11/22/2002 8:45:23 PM:

Hello James,
Thanks for the kind words. This song is driving me nuts! I remember it perfectly, I may even have it but I can't put an artist or a band to it. I'll go through my Church cds but I don't think it's them. His voice is so similar to allot of artists from the 80s. This is why it's going to be difficult.
Thanks for helping out.

From techiepenguin, 11/22/2002 10:28:31 PM:

Looks like someone else is looking for this song:
It does sound very familiar...I wish I could help you more.
Paul, I've got to say that you are amazing at this "Name that Tune". I am in awe at all of your identifications. Hopefully, someone else will be able to ID this one.

From Paul Miceli, 11/23/2002 1:17:34 AM:

Hi TP,

Thanks for the complement.

That is the the site where I found the song. I have been going through my cds looking for it this whole week, and have had no luck. I think it may be a band/artist, that we all know,but just cant figure it out.
I will let you guys know, if I find it.

Thanks again,


From schwenko, 11/24/2002 11:11:37 PM:

It sure sounds like The The to me!

From Gina, 12/2/2002 9:27:14 AM:

It does sound a lot like "Under the Milky Way", so I agree it sounds like the Church too.

From SSQ, 12/12/2002 4:57:25 AM:

How about The Wake...I only have one of their albums, so I'm not sure of their other stuff??!!

From Joseph, 12/12/2002 2:29:23 PM:

I concur with The The....


From spaggi_70, 1/14/2003 9:10:09 PM:

Hmmmm could it be the band Furniture?

From Sebastian, 2/2/2003 3:09:14 AM:

I just went through Furniture's entire body of lyrics and nothing came close, sadly.

It really *does* sound like either The The or the Church, but I think were it either one of those bands Paul would have most likely spotted it.

I've done a few lyrics searches on both and didn't find anything that matched either.

And so we wait.

From Paul Miceli, 2/2/2003 9:28:36 PM:

Hi Again Sebastian,

I'm Still trying to find some info on this song,but no luck.

The search goes on.



From James, 2/21/2003 4:21:34 PM:

I still hear The Church and not Matt Johnson of The The. I found a Ukrainian website(www.lyrics.net.ua) that had the lyrics to all the songs of one of the Church band member's solo efforts (I wish I could remember who that was -- it was a month ago). I couldn't find the Unknown Song lyrics in any of them. I didn't check out the other band members.

I hope someone is able to identify this great song. I see that it is at the bottom of the list and ready to be purged.

By the way, that Ukrainian web site was impressive!

From Paul Miceli, 2/21/2003 6:09:14 PM:

Hi again James,

I just reposted the song.



From Paul Miceli, 2/26/2003 7:50:37 AM:

Hi Guys,

I dont know if this link still works,but the song has been solved.Check the new song posts.

From Paul Miceli, 2/26/2003 7:55:29 AM:

Hi again,
This is the new link for this great song.


From Livewire, 2/19/2006 10:39:44 PM:

Just for completeness before I mark this as identified:

"Screams & Whispers" by Eskimos & Egypt

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