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Date Added: 2/27/2006
Added By: michelle flinta
Identified: Yes!   

From michelle flinta, 2/27/2006 3:51:53 PM:

heard it on cfny around 1989. male voice " we should be together although nothing lasts forever, I will be the phantom throwing shadows 'cross your door" then comes a guitar riff that sounds like it was taken from the solo in Led Zeppelin's "dazed and confused", then comes a zylephone solo, then the guitar riff again. Definetely modern rock, heard on cfny, and would not be played on another station in southern ontario.

From ReCon242, 2/27/2006 6:49:35 PM:

google says:

"Strange Attractor" by I.C.E.

It's even somewhere else on this site.

From michelle flinta, 3/1/2006 12:56:42 PM:

OK, thanks. I just wish I could FIND IT somewhere to download, can't find it anywhere. I have it on a crappy old tape that doesn't play right.

From Gina, 3/14/2006 2:59:38 PM:

I will look at home. I'm sure I have it burnt to CD. If I find it and can rip it I will let you know.

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