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Date Added: 3/6/2006
Added By: Cory
Identified: Not Yet!

From Cory, 3/6/2006 10:55:31 AM:

Hi again group!!!

I went to Famous Players theatre last night to watch the movie "Ultraviolet", and while I was waiting for the movie and they do those trivia questions, and hollywood info crap, there was this music playing in the background...I'm guessing early 90's, but not 100% sure. The lyrics went:

"It's not that easy coming back", or maybe "It's not that simple to come back" (I wasn't able to write it down, and it only played for a short time). It was a female singer.

Anybody have any ideas? I googled/newsgrouped it, and the closest thing I found was "Liz Phair's" track called "Easy", but it was apparently a rare track, so I can't even listen to it to see if that's it.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


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