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Date Added: 12/16/2006
Added By: solarn
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From solarn, 12/16/2006 2:21:16 AM:

Beautiful high-grade electronica played on CFNY in 1987 or 1988.

From norm, 3/20/2007 7:07:56 PM:

sounds a bit like french artist Jean-micheal Jarre

From Reini, 6/6/2009 12:11:28 PM:

Sounds like Andreas Vollenweider (new age music from switzerland)

From bclavier@sasktel.net, 6/8/2009 2:04:44 PM:

It's not Vollenweider (releases from him are 1992 to 2006, and this was recorded off CFNY in 1987 or 1988).

From andy, 11/19/2011 5:50:10 PM:


This is simply bollocks. Vollenweider's first album is from 1979, and his first New Age album is "Behind The Gardens" (1981). You had better not claim things you don't know anything about.

From solarn, 11/20/2011 2:16:04 AM:

It's not from Dancing with the Lion (1989) or Down to the Moon (1986). Hard to believe Vollenweider ever had the energy in his harp to do this song....

From andy, 11/20/2011 12:57:23 PM:

Oh solarn, you're live and alive after all those years? Check your request # 1656, I solved it just few days ago :)

From andy, 11/20/2011 12:58:11 PM:

... and I'm too blind to see the green checkmark. LOL!

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