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Date Added: 1/30/2007
Added By: J
Identified: Yes!   

From J, 1/30/2007 10:48:20 AM:

...a guy at work made a compilation cd of his cd's at home years ago.He said he thinks this song was from a comp cd from the Casbys but he couldn't tell me more. The song sounds kinda like that "88 lines About 44 women", but with female vocals. The lyrics are something like,
[talking]You know somedays you just can't find a cop, now I have one on both arms...
- that's not verbatim, I can't exactly remember...then the chorus goes, [singing]

From grace...

In my life I know not why I bite the hand that..."

...on his cd he's got "Marian Cadell", but when I google that, I get nothing. Anyone know where this song originated and where it might be found? And maybe more of her/their stuff?

From michael, 1/30/2007 2:10:58 PM:

Meryn Cadell -Angel Food for Thought

From J, 1/31/2007 12:29:10 PM:

thanks michael - that's the name! when i google Meryn Cadell, i get results.
on meryncadell.com all the albums, track lists and lyrics are posted. turns out the song is called "Window of Opportunity" from the album "bombazine".
thanks for your quick response!

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