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Date Added: 9/27/2007
Added By: follegot
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From follegot, 9/27/2007 6:34:03 AM:

Italy, summer 1988.
Seems like "Love & Money", "Shriekback" or "Icehouse", but i can't find the lyrics. Maybe my English....
Thank you, ciao.

From saqqara lights, 9/28/2007 10:38:32 PM:

The song is called "This Is My Word" by Empire. Great song!!! I don't think they ever released an lp, but you can find this as a 7" and 12" release.

BTW: your sample is playing too slow, it should play a bit faster.

saqqara lights

From follegot, 9/29/2007 3:58:49 AM:

Thank you very much saqqara lights. I really appreciate your help.
My player works right; the original track was imported from radio by an old tape recorder and today this tape run with a different speed! Of course the tape-mp3 conversion keep this difference and my software can't compensate this gap.
Thank you again.

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