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Date Added: 10/25/2007
Added By: Toni
Identified: Yes!   

From Toni, 10/25/2007 10:50:16 PM:

I remember hearing this song on CFNY way back in the 80's and I searched your site and I cannot find it. Its (the base???) but the song is "A letter from a far"
Could you help me?
Thanks a million.

From Philip, 11/9/2007 12:40:47 AM:

Could it possibly be B-Movie's "A Letter From Afar"?

From toni, 11/16/2007 3:38:55 PM:

It is possible i am not certain.
I am trying to find the song so i can confirm it.
in the chorus they sing "a letter from a far" and it has alot of synthesizer playing in it
Thanks alot for your help

From Andrew, 11/22/2007 11:35:51 PM:

The lyrics of letter from afar by b-movie:

No joy in heaven, although the sun may shine
I need the warmth of gin inside
I see the golden track, blurred in sand and dust
Where burnt out cars decay and rust, (march)

No joy in heaven, despite the glittering stars
Their jagged shapes just tear my heart
Between the sand and stone
The flowers of hope may grow
Then trodden on by commandos, (march)

Chanting these words out like a prayer
A letter from afar
Hoping someoneís listening up there
A letter from afar
Reach for a face that isnít here
A letter from afar
Fooled by my mind I fear Ö..
A letter from afar

Too much is not enough
I need to feel your touch
I need to have you close to me
Desert sons and guns
Mosquito nets and bombs
I watch them from my swimming pool, (splash)

A letter from afar

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