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Date Added: 3/29/2008
Added By: Ted
Identified: Yes!   

From Ted, 3/29/2008 9:55:50 AM:

Thanks for taking an interest in my songs. I actually have now identified
all 3 and thanks to your help one of them (Lewis Furey - Rubber Gunshow).The other 2
are: Motors: Airport (the refrain would be better as "Emma you got a smiling
face" but "airport?? you got a smiling face" is actually it).
And - Elliot Murphy: Anastasia - this is a great song I would recommend. I
couldn't find any downloads of either song - not even to buy (sites listed
it but then show "not available" - you probably know this drill). I got
Airport and Anastasia at Emule and Rubber Gunshow from a link sent to me.
Lewis Furey has some other stuff I would have looked for "Sky is Falling" and some other old 'NY stuff. .
Thanks. (and thanks to audiofool).

From audiofool, 3/29/2008 3:07:08 PM:

You're welcome Ted.

The Motors song didn't even click until now.

You can download the Lewis Furey track here:http://www.badongo.com/file/7526301

and Airport should be easy to find in this p2p world.... if not I can get it to you.

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