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Date Added: 4/4/2008
Added By: Charles B
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Identified: Not Yet!

From Charles B, 4/4/2008 12:27:33 PM:

Announcer mentioned "Sons of..." after the song.

Lyics as follows:

can you hear me call you
or are you locked inside your mind
a slave that is in your imagery
its you - is you i want to find
to find

it's you he's got to find
it's you he's got to find

can you hear me call you
i called so many times before
wanting to see you see me
as to open up the door
the door
open up the door
open up the door
i'm calling you
i'm calling

From Matt, 5/11/2014 2:44:59 PM:

Charles B,
did you maybe find out who is it?

From Charles B, 5/11/2014 2:55:04 PM:

No, not yet.

From Dino, 12/29/2014 11:58:48 PM:

Hello, Charles B.

I will help you to find the title of this song.

Do you maybe, by any chance, still have a longer audio sample of it?

I hope you will reply to me..


From Dino, 12/30/2014 2:58:45 AM:

And, if you can maybe tell when and where it was recorded?

From Dino, 1/8/2015 9:54:50 AM:

ah, well...

From Ian DJ, 1/11/2015 7:09:38 AM:

Nice song.
If someone is interested let me know as I have it on 7'' two copies left.

From Charles, 1/11/2015 6:37:06 PM:

Dino - send me you email address and I will email you the entire song.

From Dino, 1/16/2015 4:05:09 PM:

Hello, Charles.

My email address is:



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