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Date Added: 2/18/2003
Added By: Lorne Goldblum
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Identified: Yes!   

From Brian, 2/20/2003 12:20:12 PM:


I really like this song as well as some of the other ones you posted. Maybe we can trade some music -I have lots of 80s new wave and disco. Just email me. thanks!



From Tim, 2/23/2003 8:31:10 AM:

Sounds like its produced by someone like Georg Kajunus in about 1983-85

From Ralf, 2/24/2003 4:35:13 AM:


it is "LAMA - 1993"

Great song, wich is covered now by HIVER & HAMMER.

Ralf (http://www.scheul.de)

From Paul Miceli, 2/24/2003 4:45:56 AM:

Hi Lorne,

I posted your song on this Yahoo group-
"dieter-bohlen Yahoo Group" And a few people have got this song.You might want to put some of the others on there. Kent just e-mailed me this,Ralf is right.

This title track is...

Song: Nineteen Ninety Three
Artist: Lama
Released: 1983
Label: Numero Uno


From Lorne Goldblum, 2/24/2003 4:47:15 AM:

Thanks, this one even stumped the experts at Discomusic.com.

From Paul Miceli, 2/24/2003 4:59:57 AM:

Hi Lorne,

If you want to post some others,here is the link.I just added a few more.


From Lorne Goldblum, 2/24/2003 5:09:48 AM:

Thanks Paul,
I'll definately will give the yahoo group a try

From Paul Miceli, 2/24/2003 5:30:57 AM:

Hi Lorne,

You're Welcome.I posted this link at 1:50 am,they got it pretty fast.I found alot of good New Wave groups and there are some good Disco groups as well.



From Ralf, 2/25/2003 8:31:16 AM:

Your welcome :-)

BTW: The flip side of 1993 is also very good. Itīs only a instrumental song, but very good.


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