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Date Added: 3/7/2003
Added By: Gabriel
Identified: Yes!   

From Gabriel, 3/7/2003 1:55:03 AM:

The song I am looking for has such lyrics as "ain't nothing you can do" and "you never even try." It came out in the 90s, and the singer of this band sounds British. The song is semi-rock, semi-alternative. Any ideas of a band name or a song title? Let me know: einsteinkind@yahoo.com

From Mike Sadavoy, 3/7/2003 3:01:04 AM:

Hey Gabriel
I believe the song you are looking for (based on the lyrics you gave) is "Alright" by the group Cast. Released in 1995 from the album All Change (Polydor). Good song. I hope this is it.


From Gabriel, 3/7/2003 3:37:36 AM:

Mike: I think you've named it, and, upon looking up that song/band, it sounds like what I've been looking for. I'll know for sure later. Thanks again.

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