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Date Added: 10/12/2010
Added By: Paul Miceli
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Identified: Yes!   

From Josef Wurzel, 1/18/2011 11:23:39 AM:

My brandnew music id tool identified it as
'Chinchilla Green - Queen',
but i can't verify it.
What i figured out about:
It was a german-canadian band with a female singer
It's from Album 'Gravity" 1990.
Duration of song is 4:48 min

From Paul Miceli, 1/18/2011 12:02:56 PM:

WOW, Thanks Josef!

The track time appears to be correct and
I just found a copy of Gravity, so I will let you know if it is " Queen" Chinchilla Green

Thanks again,


From Paul Miceli, 1/27/2011 10:46:28 AM:

Hi Josef,

The cd has arrived and this song is finally solved!

Thanks again,

From Josef Wurzel, 1/28/2011 7:48:23 PM:

Hi Paul,
It's me again. I'd like to have this song too as download, but i didn't find it on itunes or elsewhere. Maybe you know a source where i can get it?

regards Josef

From Go-Betweens/DeDiniDevil, 1/29/2011 10:30:03 AM:

Many thanks for the information. I already had two songs/ videos from the band but didn't know that it's the same band.
Ciao René

From Paul Miceli, 1/30/2011 11:56:31 AM:

I will post a link soon.


From Paul Miceli, 1/31/2011 6:23:58 PM:


From Josef Wurzel, 1/31/2011 7:21:44 PM:

Thanks a lot Paul :-)

From Cory, 4/27/2011 9:54:47 PM:

Hey Paul (or Josef/Rene)

Could somebody please re-post the link?? I'd love to hear the song, but the link expired. :(

Thank you

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