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Date Added: 4/17/2003
Added By: Trev Welsh
Identified: Not Yet!

From Trev, 4/17/2003 3:46:48 PM:

singer: Male
guitars: yes
drums: can't recall
style of music: Emo maybe. maybe just the token slow song on their CD
song length: about 3-4 minutes
keyboards: can't recall

I can't remember the title of this song, or really any lyrics... I just remember the haunting guitar in the back ground. I really want to hear this song again just to be sure it really exists...

The lyrics I remember are (I think) 'all the ____ women wept" "all I need is hope" or "all I need is home"

It was a pretty slow song, and I only remember a guitar being played until near the end of the song.

It was out between 93-96 I believe... and it was played in somewhat regular rotation on CFNY around the same time that Folk Implosion's Natural One and Space Hogs big song were popular.

I'm sorry I can't remember more... but I just thought I'd ask in hopes that someone knew the song and would release me from the mental pain of trying to remember it.


From Paul Miceli, 4/17/2003 4:19:55 PM:

Hi Trev,

Might be Hope by "Toad the Wet Sprocket" from their(1995) In Light Syrup cd.


From Trev, 4/17/2003 4:30:31 PM:

Hey Paul...
sadly, that wasn't it.
Thanks anyway.

From Andrew, 6/28/2003 9:30:11 PM:

Hi Trev,

I think I remember the song you describe. "and I need is all I need is hope", "the thunder turned to lightning, the lightning turned to rain"? Does this sound familiar? I've been looking for that song (if indeed it is the same one you describe)for over a year. Can't find it.



From Trev, 6/29/2003 3:40:57 AM:

We are indeed thinking of the same song... damn... I must find it... Its become an obsessin now...

From Andrew, 11/13/2003 8:19:15 PM:

Hi Trev, I've attempted to upload part of the song I have in mind to the CFNY unknowns website. I had some difficulty converting it to MP3, so I hope this works...

(Nov 13, 2003)

From Trev, 11/14/2003 12:00:48 AM:

Hey, I checked the recently uploaded, and didn't see the song there, so I imagine that you weren't able to upload it.
hope you're able to get it up. if I get more lyrics, I may be able to find it online.

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