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Date Added: 4/23/2012
Added By: Jen
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From Jen, 4/23/2012 7:53:45 PM:

I heard this song in England last summer, and I knew I knew it from somewhere! I'm pretty sure I heard it on CFNY at some point. Again, sorry for the online piano sample, but I have no actual recording of this song, and it's the only thing I have, lol!

Some things about it:
Sounds like an 80s song

The singer has a really nice voice, kind of like Bryan Ferry. At first I thought it was him or Roxy Music, but I doubt it.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the lyrics, otherwise I would have included them.


From rocco, 6/4/2012 4:48:28 PM:

sounds like "Mary had a little lamb"

From James, 6/6/2012 1:14:48 PM:

Could be The Explorers, a post-Roxy Music band with Manzanera and Mackay and Ferry wannabe, James Wraith. Had a few singles - Lorelei, Ship of Fools. Check out Lorelei on You Tube - http://youtu.be/IBQGPrXJFTg. If that's not it, check out other Explorers tracks there.

From Jen, 6/7/2012 7:44:53 PM:

I checked out "Lorelei", but that's not it. Although the melody sounds a bit similar.

Thanks though. If you think of any other possibilities, let me know. :-)

From andy, 4/27/2013 6:54:01 PM:

OMD - "We Love You" ?

From Jenf, 4/28/2013 1:19:00 AM:

I checked it, and it's not "We Love You".

But you know what, I'm thinking that it may be OMD, but just another OMD song. Or maybe a band that sounded like OMD (the OMD lead singer's voice is high-pitched, and so is the singer of this mystery song).

Thanks for taking a shot at it! :-)

From Jen, 9/3/2017 12:17:19 AM:

James, you were close, back in 2012! You made the Roxy Music connection. After so many years, I finally came across that song today on a Vintage music channel, and now I have my answer. It's "Same Old Scene", by Roxy Music. It's a gorgeous song!

From Jen, 9/4/2017 11:52:38 PM:

Song identified!

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