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Date Added: 8/2/2013
Added By: Jay
Identified: Yes!   

From Jay, 8/2/2013 8:10:50 PM:

From the early days of CFNY
All I remember is:
"White lines on the highway, white lines on my bed"
Or something like that, and NO it's not White Lines by Grandmaster Flash
Please help it's been driving mad for years!

From Livewire, 1/29/2014 3:24:11 PM:

Perhaps No Yellow Lines by Mount Sims? It has the line "I get lost on this highway, get lost in my mind."

From Jay Boddington, 2/3/2014 3:14:26 PM:

No, that's not it (Mount Sims)
I believe the song is from the 70's

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