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Date Added: 7/12/2003
Added By: Great Satan
Identified: Yes!   

From Great Satan, 7/12/2003 12:49:59 AM:

It's, I believe, a Dead Can Dance song; but whatever it is, I can't seem to find it.

It's instrumental and reasonably short. In my mind's ear, I hear a drum (maybe a talking drum) and some sort of wood wind. It sounds a bit midieval European. It makes me think of that scene in Star Trek's The Cage where we see a dancing girl with green skin.

Again my thanks for any help.

From Gina, 7/18/2003 3:46:38 PM:

The only song I am familiar with by Dead Can Dance is "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove". I have heard this in a movie before. It is an excellent song, even if this isn't the one.

From senor blanco, 7/21/2003 6:22:25 PM:

probably "saltarello" from the _aion_ album.

From Great Satan, 7/21/2003 10:21:35 PM:

Yes senor blanco. That is indeed the song. I've yet to have scenes in my head of a scantily clad exotic green-skinned dancing girl, (LOL) but it sounds great.

Thanks for the help.

And yes Gina, The UMrL is a fine song too.

From Gina, 7/22/2003 12:45:50 PM:

Whoops. I didn't see the part about it being instrumental. That should have tipped me off. At least you found your song.

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