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Date Added: 8/13/2003
Added By: Mullet
Identified: Yes!   

From Mullet, 8/13/2003 1:46:36 AM:

I was wondering whether anyone can identify a song I heard on the Edge this past Sunday. It had kind of a punk-ska feel to it. The only lyrics that stood out to me were "What the hell is wrong with ya?" Please help...thanks!

From b*, 8/13/2003 2:40:03 AM:

"hey Ma, Pa, what the hell is wrong with y'all?"

Fishbone, and I think the name is "Ma and Pa"

From rick, 8/15/2003 7:57:29 PM:

It sure is Ma & Pa by Fishbone.

From Mullet, 8/15/2003 11:12:30 PM:

Thanks- you guys are awesome! I've already downloaded it so I'm all revved up and ready to go...

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