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Date Added: 8/29/2003
Added By: Christa
Identified: Yes!   

From christa, 8/29/2003 1:53:14 PM:

Looking for the name of the artist. One song on the album was called "Time and Space". "Time and space won't keep us down. I see your face and my feet don't touch the ground. We could fall in love we could change the world we could see eachother floating through the girl Ooh, TIme and space, yeah can't keep us down". I think the album title was Plastic fantastic. Thanks

From David, 8/29/2003 1:57:57 PM:

Hi Christa:

There were a few lp's released with the title "Plastic Fantastic" (see GEMM's site) but if you heard the song on 'NY the one you are after is probably by Flesh for Lulu.

Hope this helps,


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