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Date Added: 1/2/2004
Added By: BobM
Identified: Yes!   

From BobM, 1/2/2004 11:13:11 PM:

at the Echo & The Bunnymen show at Palais Royale in November, a New Order song was played during the intermission. I thought I knew all their stuff. I can't recall the lyrics, my only hope is that someone was at the show as well...

From Metal Mike, 1/5/2004 11:01:26 PM:

Well, you're in luck. I was at the show and I heard "Let's Go" by New Order. The song was originally an instrumental and came out on the Salvation soundtrack in the 80's. The version with lyrics came out in the 90's and can be found on the SPIRIT OF THE EDGE compilation CD (the second one).

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