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Date Added: 1/8/2004
Added By: Stephanie
Identified: Yes!   

From Stephanie, 1/8/2004 1:20:09 PM:

Ok so I'm looking for two songs and I don't know who sings them. One of them is titled "I talk to myself" Some of the lyrics are "I talk to myself cause there is no one to talk to. People ask me why why I do the things I do."
The other song is "I wanna be just like you" and some of the lyrics are "I wanna be just like you. I wanna be just the same. I want to know all your moves and play all your games." Can anyone help me out?

From Paul Miceli, 1/8/2004 11:32:58 PM:

The second one might be "Just Like you" by Robbie Nevil.

From RKR, 2/11/2004 6:13:41 PM:

The First song is from Christopher Williams. the title is Talk to myself. :)

From Sara, 8/6/2004 12:03:19 PM:

"Just like you" by Robbie Neville
I cant find the lyrics ANYWHERE either...

From Jenna, 1/10/2005 9:32:34 AM:

Oh if anyone ever finds the lyrics for Robbie Nevil Just like You....you gotta email me on sog83@hotmail.com. Its driving me crazy!!!

From Buttercup, 7/13/2005 9:35:15 PM:

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Artist: Robbie Nevil
Song Lyrics: Just Like You
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I wanna be just like you
I wanna be just the same
I wanna know all your rules
and play all your games
I wanna be just like you
I wouldn't change a thing
love can be so cruel
I wanna be just like you
You got style
you wear next to nothing
I'll make you wanna wear nothing at all
You're feeding the fire
till i can't take it
then you walk away honey, leave me begging for more, yeah
just so you can lead me on
some other night, yeah

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! :) Thanks for telling me who it's by :)

From N, 11/30/2005 10:54:46 PM:

I have been trying to get the name of this song and artist for so long. Thanks

From is a link to the words of i wanna be just like you, 9/7/2009 11:16:55 PM:


From leeanne, 9/7/2009 11:18:21 PM:

http://www.lyricsvault.net/artist.php?s=31695 robbie nevile sings itis a link to the words of i wanna be just like yo

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