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Date Added: 1/10/2004
Added By: Simon
Identified: Yes!   

From Simon, 1/10/2004 8:01:15 PM:

Looking for info on three bands. Glamour Cult (Tokyo Streets), West End Dance Project (92 in the Shade), and Stress (Rosechild). If anyone knows the country of origin of these bands I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

From Dave Myrvold, 1/10/2004 9:02:37 PM:

Glamor Cult no u in Glamor were from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

West End Dance Project were released on a label from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They may have been from there.

From Ralph, 1/24/2004 5:18:02 PM:

The first two tracks mentioned are included on the Hardest Hits series of CD's issued by SPG in the 90's


From si, 4/28/2004 5:15:39 PM:

Stress were based in London, England in the early 90's. Their debut (and only) album was a lost classic and then some. Produced by Guy Chambers, who went on to write all of Robbie Williams big hits. I saw them support Lenny Kravitz at Brixton, London in '91 and they were awesome. Then, as if by magic, they disappeared...

From Greg, 5/28/2004 3:37:09 AM:

I actually have this album. After they released their one and only video I went out and got it. It is a great disc.

From Greg, 5/28/2004 3:37:25 AM:

I was referring to Stress

From Steve, 2/27/2019 1:51:57 AM:

West end not from Montreal , rerelease just in tme records , lead singer is friend of mine from Mississauga ontario

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