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Date Added: 2/25/2004
Added By: Rachel Lincoln
Identified: Yes!   

From rachel, 2/25/2004 8:07:21 PM:

i can't figure out the title of the song or who sings it...."come on now share the good times while we can" a friend said it was ... Con Can
i need help

From Metal Mike, 2/26/2004 1:03:59 PM:

It is Kon Kan. I am fairly sure. It could be their single "I beg your pardon (I never promised you a rose garden)" but I am not sure about that.

From Mike Sadavoy, 2/27/2004 3:10:18 PM:

It is Kon Kan, and it is "I Beg Your Pardon", its off their Move to Move Album.

From anyone have this on mp3 ?, 5/5/2004 12:19:50 AM:

if so, I would love a copy, my good friend Tom was in this band & unfortunatly, I haven't spoken to him in several months now.
I'll probably see him again in the next few months but in the meantime, would love this one on mp3 if anyone has it ???


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