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Date Added: 3/9/2004
Added By: Karl Grimsruud
Identified: Yes!   

From Karl, 3/9/2004 4:29:27 PM:

Circa 1985, British (?) band/artist, Billy Idol-esque sneer vocals, had a song with video on MTV about a guy named Frankie on a motorbike racing a train "..the 6:09 was right on time..", and the refrain was "Goodbye Frankie, we'll see you on the other side". I can't remember artist or title and haven't heard it for 20 years !

From Mike Sadavoy, 3/9/2004 11:09:14 PM:

Hey Karl,
The song is called "See You On the Other Side" by Brian Briggs. This is from his album called Brain Damage (1980?). His most popular track his "AEO" (Parts 1 & 2). Which is also a good song.

From Karl, 3/10/2004 6:32:06 AM:

Thanks so much Mike, I'll seek it out.

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