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Date Added: 3/16/2004
Added By: bryan
Identified: Yes!   

From bryan, 3/16/2004 6:13:16 AM:

hmmm..didn't seem to work..anyway, once more:

i am pretty sure this is a david byrne song???? i can only remember the video right now. he is playing a mandolin (maybe?) and climbs into a box (or a dog house...maybe??).

amazing idea this...thanks to anyone who helps me out!

From Burnout, 3/17/2004 1:28:55 AM:

This could be from the Talking Heads days. I seem to recall a video like this. Was it "Wild Wild Life"? Hmm..

From bryan..., 3/17/2004 5:02:04 AM:

definately not that one... it was solo..it MAY have been the guy from Modern English, but I don't think so...

thanks for the try burnout

AHH..JUST rememebred a bit more...he says something like "I don't want to go home" a lot and in a off beat kind of voice..

From Burnout, 3/17/2004 1:22:57 PM:

This could also be Tom Waits. "I don't want to grow up" or another song. I remember Tom Waits had a video like the one you're describing.

From bryan, 3/17/2004 7:27:45 PM:

FANTASTIC! thanks a lot burnout! unbelievable...i've been trying for a few years to get this/find this out! HAHA..as soon as I saw the name..I knew!

"I don't want to grow up" = "I don't want to go home"...lol

really..thanks...just awesome!

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