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Date Added: 4/23/2004
Added By: David
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Identified: Yes!   

From David, 4/23/2004 3:07:51 PM:

I found this song clip posted on another similar site. If anyone can help ID the artist/title, you would make me a happy man. (I know I've heard this song before, I just can't remember where or when, much less who it is)



From Mike Sadavoy, 4/23/2004 6:22:35 PM:

Artist: The Box
Song: Temptation
Year: 1990
Album: The Pleasure and the Pain
Label: Alert

From David, 4/23/2004 8:32:40 PM:


Thank you very much, I owe you one!!


From CrashNBurn, 5/5/2004 6:07:07 PM:

The song in the MP3 clip I am hearing has the lyrics
"Just another simple mutation" etc.
This is not Temptation by The Box

From David, 5/5/2004 8:26:29 PM:


Mike seems to have quite a bit of info on the artist, lp, etc, and it does sound like The Box. I've listened to the lyrics again and I think you'll find that they are:

Just another simple mutation
Learning how to be myself
Just another simple temptation
Growing up to be myself



From DJ Robbin Banks, 5/11/2004 10:21:52 AM:

The song is "Simple Mutation" it is off the album "Taming the power inside" by Montreal producer/songwriter Michel Lemieux. With Sass Jordan providing back up vocals. 1988 Vertigo/Audiogram release. I do have a copy of the CD if needed.

From David, 5/11/2004 10:31:37 AM:

Hi Robbin:

Could you send me a short clip of Simple Mutation. I'd really appreciate it.




From Jennifer, 5/19/2004 10:09:29 PM:

Does anyone out there know where I can get a copy of this album and whether or not it's on CD? Ever since listening to the clip I've been obsessed with this song. Thank you!

From David, 5/20/2004 6:58:00 AM:


I've ordered & received the 12" version of the song,(just haven't had a chance to mp3 it yet), but try GEMM.com or eBay for a copy of the CD.



From Jennifer, 5/20/2004 10:35:58 AM:

Thanks David!

From Frayo, 12/18/2004 10:11:14 AM:

Im looking for a copy of this CD/Song. I really can not find it anywhere. I dont have that large of a collection, but I'd give up a lot to get this CD. Please contact me.

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