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Date Added: 4/28/2004
Added By: pop80s
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From GoBeau, 6/3/2004 5:42:35 PM:

hi pop80s -- did you ever figure this one out? it sounds familiar but i can't place it...

From pop80s, 6/4/2004 4:10:16 AM:

Hi GoBeau--This song is around 1986-1987

From pop80s, 11/2/2004 12:26:30 PM:

I find itĦĦ
this is from a spanish band
The Pantano Boas-Wild Dance

From gasga, 12/22/2004 5:46:42 AM:

Hi there, Pantano Boas was one of my favorite bands here (Spain) when I was younger. I can remember perfectly that powerful live sound from them.

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