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Date Added: 6/17/2004
Added By: bb thornton
Identified: Yes!   

From bb thornton, 6/17/2004 12:48:00 PM:

Going through an old poor quality tape off CFNY the other day, and came across a song which I could only make out a few lines of. Sounds like:

Do you recognize the signs.....
It's too late to wonder why
Here we are standing
Somehow it....
Here comes the crying eyes again.."

It's got a synthesiser beat/tune going.

Sorry I can give you a better description.

From audiofool, 6/17/2004 6:26:38 PM:

I think that it's Quiet Life by Japan from 1979.
Boys, now the times are changing the going could get rough
Boys, would that ever cross your mind
Boys, are you contemplating moving out somewhere
Boys, will you ever find the time?

Here we are stranded
Somehow it all seems the same
Here comes the quiet life again?

Boys, now the country's only miles away from here
Boys, do you recognise the signs?
Boys, when those driving hands push against the tracks
Boys, it's too late to wonder why

As you turn to leave
Never looking back
Will you think of me?
Will you ever, could it ever stop

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