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Date Added: 7/8/2004
Added By: Nomad
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Identified: Yes!   

From Nomad, 7/8/2004 6:32:17 AM:

Well.. here it is. The tune (or the rendition of it) is the chorus with the line that goes "Aaaaasiaaa... you've never been so close to me..." Early 80s(?), female singer, Japanese beat/synth-xylophone, etc. I hope someone will be able to recognize the tune to this song I've been trying to search for a very long time.

From Toe, 7/9/2004 2:17:22 AM:

Sounds familiar.
Do you know what country the song might be from ? did you hear played on radio.

From Nomad, 7/9/2004 3:04:33 AM:

Hi Toe. Not sure what country the group's from... nor do I remember the name of the group. The song's sung entirely in English, that I'm sure. It's an upbeat song with amongst the instruments being played, a xylophone could be heard being played. If I have any more clues I'll bring 'em up.

From Jessel, 7/12/2004 1:57:30 PM:

The song is called ....
"Asia" by a Danish (I think!) group called "The Mo"
or simply "Mo"...I don't think they ever released an album as i've only got the 12" single...


From Nomad, 7/15/2004 7:11:58 PM:

Hi Jessel!

Bless your soul! You can't imagine how long I've been asking people about the song and no one had any idea. Problem now is... can't find the song. Any ideas?

From John, 7/15/2004 7:50:17 PM:

The Mo were from Holland.. They did release a best of cd called "Remember MO", but it is hard to find.

You can find the 7" on gemm.

From Nomad, 7/16/2004 12:00:59 AM:

Thanks John. What/where exactly is Gemm?

From John, 7/16/2004 2:27:39 AM:

here's the link


From Nomad, 7/19/2004 11:37:46 PM:

Thanks loads, John!

From Jessel, 7/25/2004 3:47:26 AM:

hello John,

how was the hunt?
did you finally get it? didn't know that they released a cd...wow ! now I have to go hunting too...

From Mark, 8/4/2004 7:53:49 AM:

Hey Nomad,

Were you able to download the song? I've been looking for it for years now. im glad i found this forum

From Nomad, 8/24/2004 11:45:03 PM:

No Mark... I was never able to find the song online. But I was able to purchase a 45 from Germany with the same song title and group. I just need to find a turntable and play it. It's a very tough find I must say.

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