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Date Added: 7/19/2004
Added By: charles miller
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From charles miller, 7/19/2004 10:13:37 PM:

As CFNY was getting away from the new wave and synth and before the grunge years,they dabbled in house music.I am thinking of an extended instrumental track around 1987 or1988 that was perfect for driving to.It sounded like sirens at regular intervals.Maybe it was only played on Chris Sheppard's show.I am told it could be by Frankie Knuckles.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From 5440, 7/21/2004 6:22:58 PM:

Deadly Headly played this song alot on Saturday nights.
just cant remember the artist.

From Metal Mike, 7/21/2004 11:14:59 PM:

The only song with sirens I remember is Doctorin' The Tardis by the Timelords, but I'm sure you would have known that one so it can't be it plus it's not even house.

From Toe, 7/21/2004 11:24:56 PM:

Do you have any additional info on the song.
Headly played some great House music sets back in the day.
Anyone remember saturday nights with Chris Shepard follwed by Deadly Headly.

From Well DUH, 7/21/2004 11:38:32 PM:

No, nobody remembers that. You're the only one.

From crashNburn, 7/22/2004 5:44:50 PM:

I think what you are talking about is
ChrisSheppard used to play megamixes with it in there all the time
CanYou feel It
Check this out
Too black
Too strong
Also he used to talk over
Hashim - Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)
this is a cool track that maybe you could have mistaken the high synths for sirens

From charles miller, 7/22/2004 9:56:24 PM:

Thanks for the input. I remember Chris Sheppard and Deadly Hedley. they were amazing.Will try to locate the RoyalHouse track and check it out.

From Paulo, 8/8/2004 1:46:04 AM:

Deadly Headley used to mix great tunes. I still remember (like it was yesterday) the nite he mixed Nitzer Ebb's 'Join In The Chant' into a wicked house mega mix.

From Dove Song, 8/30/2004 12:15:02 PM:

Wow! Serious flashbacks! I still remember those great live to Airs from Club Max! Actually I have a few cassetes I managed to record and save `from way back when. Some serious mega mixes...Good old Shep and Headley! Hey anyone remeber Sheps partner Bobbo?

From Liquorishkiddd, 9/28/2004 10:49:16 PM:

hey can I get a copy of those tapes I'll clean them and make cd's Liquorishkidd@hotmail.com

From Peacock, 6/20/2005 4:24:18 AM:

I remember the days of chris sheppard and deadly headly. They actually helped me to expand my horizons in music. I discovered the magic of nitzer ebb and front 242 and ministry and skinny puppy (the list goes on) I remember deadly headly played a lot of this cabaret voltare tune and i can't remember the name. does anyone remember it?

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