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Date Added: 11/7/2002
Added By: Jen
Identified: Yes!   

From Jen, 11/7/2002 11:42:01 PM:

got another one for y'all...
I was in Winnipeg and Calgary, Canada during the summer of 1995 and I heard a song a lot whose chorus went "wake up from your wet dream / should you choose..." (I apologize, I'm not real ept when it comes to deciphering words, I'm slightly deaf)
However, I live in the US, so tracking down some of the (superior!) Canadian music is hard...please help! Thank you!

From Jen, 11/11/2002 8:31:13 PM:

some more info I unintentionally left out above:
it's sort of a rockin' tune, some more of the lyrics are as follows
"and it's crossin' ancient waterways/and it's makin' bold discoveries"
then: "when the...holds us...even the shadows listen to you" (repeat)

From Dave, 3/16/2003 2:18:05 PM:

I found it funny to happen upon this when I've been looking for the EXACT same song. And eerily enough, I was also in Calgary in the Summer of 1995, though I live near Niagara Falls and always have. Creepy.

Anyway, I FINALLY tracked down the song after all this time. I knew the band, but couldn't pin down the song. Here's the details:

Band: 13 Engines
Song: Beneath My Hand
Album: Conquistador

You can find the song on Kazaa (www.kazaalite.com).

Here's a link to it at Amazon.com where you can buy a used copy of the complete CD for around $3.11:



From Jen, 3/17/2003 6:23:42 PM:

thank you so much!! :)

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