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Date Added: 11/27/2004
Added By: RetroMikey
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From RetroMikey, 11/27/2004 5:37:30 PM:

Here is another classic song that has baffled me and I hope someone out there can help me please.
Here goes...back in the Fall of 1983, I attended a CFNY video roadshow in Hamilton and was in awe of the amount of people that attended and the fantastic music and videos CFNY supplied. During one of the songs,the video screen rolled down and here's all I can describe about the video song since I was a liitle blurry eyed that night.

The video showed an old European Village setting (perhaps Italy?) with 4 or 5 musicians attired in black walking in the village. The song was a slower medley song...very romantic slower medley dance tune to ask that beautiful girl to dance to...all I remember was that it could be the song "Walk on by" I am not 100% sure...I could not see the end credits of the video to see who performed it but heard it on CFNY many times with the. With research on the internet, I believe it was the Stranglers. I bought a CD containing this song, and yes, the Stranglers si

From RetroMikey, 11/28/2004 12:05:26 PM:

this is a continuation of my story...sorry but CFNY comments allow only 1000 characters and I went over...oops.

Here goes the story continued.....
I bought the CC containing this song and yes, the Stranglers performed this song, 'Walk on bY' but this song is over 6 minutes long and more of a faster pace! Can someone let me know if they did another version of "Walk on By" with a slower medley and on what album is it on? If they did not perform this song as I described on the video version, who did? Please, help me out there!

From Mister Cool, 12/10/2004 8:32:53 PM:

Wasn't there a song by Blue Peter called "Don't walk on by or don't walk on past"? Could that be it.

From RetroMikey, 12/10/2004 9:22:43 PM:

Hi Mister Cool...thanks for your input! I know the song Blue Peter performed, but this song is not performed by them. I would really appreciate the help from anyone out there as I described in my song ID search! There must be someone out there who knows their 80's videos and songs out there!

From Livewire, 2/4/2006 9:02:33 PM:

Hi, I'm from the future!

This might be useful to you, you can listen to five different versions of this Burt Bacharach song:


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