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Date Added: 12/20/2004
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From NO NAME, 12/20/2004 9:42:29 AM:

group VISION ( lucifer's friend )

From PATRICK, 1/2/2005 8:54:31 AM:

thanks No Name

From Stevie Martin, 2/28/2005 6:18:29 AM:

Released 1982. Uk new romantic band from the Sheffield area which was the pioneering powerhouse of British electronica at the time. This was their most popular track. All went a bit wrong following a major record deal & line up change. They finally gave up the ghost in the late 80's. Nice to see its still being played!

From Chris, UK, 3/4/2005 4:37:14 PM:

I love this song - it used to get everyone on the club floor when it came on. I found the white label promo 12" version in a record shop years ago and still play it. I must get around to transferring it to .ogg sometime soon.

Thr rumour around at the time was that most copies were destroyed after problems with the aforesaid record deal.

From Jeff, 3/5/2005 1:50:33 PM:

I love this song as well and I'm trying to find a high bit-rate version of it. I have a 128 kpbs version which is 4:43. That's the version that I'm trying to find at 192 kpbs. I also have a remixed version at 192 kpbs which is 8:23 but I don't like the mix. If anyone can help me with this please let me know. This was played all of the time in Houston at the club I grew up in. I'm assuming the video they showed at the club was something that the club made privately rather than produced by the band. It was cut from The Exorcist and featured the vomiting and masturbation scenes looped to time with the beat of the song. A great video.

From antonio, 7/15/2005 11:10:07 PM:

I love this song and I love that it's still in somebody' minds... GREAT!

From steve, 10/10/2005 7:52:22 PM:

go to mypierrotdolls.co.uk click on links and you will see Vision site, 1980s rotherham/sheffield band with lucifers friend hit, plenty of info and pics not seen before

From Ros, 1/25/2006 5:31:35 PM:

I loved this is the Eighties.It was a great hit in the clubs in Chesterfield.I couldn't believe my eyes when I found a 12" version of it today in a charity shop.I had to buy it of course.

From andy, 1/31/2006 12:25:10 PM:

my cousin designed the record sleeve for it and still has the original artwork.

From Andy Beaumont, 6/23/2006 7:36:29 AM:

Great to see that so many people are still into Vision and Lucifers friend.

If you go to Groups.msn.com/vision-lucifersfriend ther are loads of pics and information .

Andy Beaumont - Vision Keyboards

From jon bebbington, 8/7/2006 4:23:46 AM:

they were very big around the midlands thru the eighties.still being played now to a younger audience....great...pity they miss the big time that they so worked hard for....god bless russell...r.i.p. your voice is emortal......
lets hope a cd of songs will soon be in our collection.
i have their original backdrop used at their gigs....

From Carl Norton, 5/1/2007 2:37:06 PM:

Brillant Band Still listen to Lucifers Friend even my kids listen to it ! Brings back distant memories of Saturday night disco`s ,this song all ways had the dance floor full !

From Carl Norton, 5/1/2007 2:42:58 PM:

Look on you Tube lucifers Friend is on there ! Wish i could play the key board like andy !

From Obsessed with this song!!, 6/26/2007 8:23:58 PM:

I use to hear this song in the early eighties in Houston. I was obsessed with finding the record. I paid 250 dollars for the 12" at Noo-Beat records in Houston Tx off of Westheimer. I still love it today. The song is immortal for me......

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