Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

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Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

Post by R.D.Kuch » Tue Feb 11, 2003 12:13 pm

Well..is it ever great to see this site!..I was the one half of the Bates/Kuch Effort to have NY's license revoked when it fell into the hands of those evil program consultants.....we tried..it went to •••• anyways, Lee Carter said it best and u can find it here.
Anyways, I have stacks of 'NY recordings taken thru an DynaLab 101 Tuner onto a Nak Deck as well as to Beta HiFI and one such collection is Kneal Mann's Two weeks of "the best of the Eighties'..this was broadcast from Midnight to Six AM for two weeks and features an incredible collection of 'NY stuff right from the little yellow house days. This is all on HiFi beta tapes recorded at the time.
Now....Does anyone recommend the best method for putting this collection to Digital?...whats the best software for doing so?....
I'm still stuck on analogue VU meters and the digital revolution hasn't caught me yet (audio wise)...so any suggestions would be appreciatted.
This is, I think, a rare collection of 60 hrs of the best of 'NY...hope u can help
R.D. Kuch

And PS...Liz..if u check in here...your still my best memory! ;-)


Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

Post by Rob » Tue Feb 11, 2003 1:09 pm

Mr P. Coaltrain.. well fancy meeting you here..


Spirit Admin (Admin)

Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

Post by Spirit Admin (Admin) » Wed Feb 12, 2003 11:24 pm

Is that the "best of the 80's" he broadcast in 1989 that is at the bottom of this page:


If so, you're not the only one with the entire set on HiFi tapes.

R.D. Kuch

Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

Post by R.D. Kuch » Thu Feb 13, 2003 11:53 am

It looks like it is! ..I can't believe I was the only one fool enough to dedicate two weeks to this!
After 12 yrs ...they still sound great! and what a collection of great music.
For those who remain 'spirit-less' I'm currently listening to 2Kool4Radio at the iceberg.com. Its definetly got a similiar feel as mid eighties 'ny.
Is the MarsBar still affiliated with this venture?
(they're playing death in vegas - hands around my neck...pretty cool trak)
Can I also recommend Kazaa lite?...none of the spyware crap...all the search power!..and while you 102.1 freaks are there..type Ursula 1000 in the search...guaranteed to groove to this stuff!


Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

Post by Anonymous » Thu Feb 13, 2003 12:24 pm

David Marsden is no longer involved with iceberg.com. Go to "What's New on the site" or "Personalities" to get to his website . If only someone would give him the opportunity to be a program director. It would be awesome to have "The Spirit Of Radio" come back, not only to hear the music the station played between '78 to '87, the years he was there, but also the music that has been ignored by CFNY since '88. In the meantime you have to check out "Flashback Alternatives" at Live 365.com. It's like listening to "The Spirit Of Radio" all over again. Nothing better on the Web.

R.D Kuch

Xferring Archive Cassettes and VHS HiFi

Post by R.D Kuch » Thu Feb 13, 2003 3:55 pm

KOOL!..I found it..listened to it..it is a good thing.
And if I can be so bold as to start a sentence with a preposition..then i'll be so bold as to recommend a couple artists not getting play (but damn well should be)
Ursula 1000..Covert Operations
Nicola Conte ..Jet sounds
Theivery Corporation ..Richest Man in Babylon
and I just have to plug a great resouce for all you acid/jazz lounge chameleons out there..its www.eslmusic.com
its the website of the Eighteenth Street Lounge in DC....have a look, i've ordred several cds from them...compilations surely to become treasures...(just like my H.H. VOL1 !!)
Ears out...eyes open...

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