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Spirit Admin (Admin)


Post by Spirit Admin (Admin) » Wed Nov 22, 2000 4:22 pm

Welcome to the Spirit Of Radio BBS! Any conversation even remotely related to CFNY and the Spirit of Radio is more than welcome here.


Henry Lee


Post by Henry Lee » Wed Nov 22, 2000 9:06 pm

Congratulations, Scott, on the redesign
and resurrection of this site. I was wondering
what had happened to the web site.

Please keep up the fine work!

Mike Stafford


Post by Mike Stafford » Tue Nov 28, 2000 11:55 pm

Hi Scott! Please remove the Mike Stafford "And Another Thing" article. It's copywrited and, more importantly, it sucks! Seriously, I own the material and I don't want it published. Thanks,

Mike Stafford

Spirit Admin


Post by Spirit Admin » Thu Nov 30, 2000 10:13 pm

Sure thing Mike, I'll pull it off for you.



Post by DrMike » Sat Dec 09, 2000 10:53 pm

Wow. A friend refered me to this site. I thought no one really remembered the REAL spirt CFNY! Glad to see it resurrected again.


Dr Mike

Robert Nugent


Post by Robert Nugent » Fri Dec 29, 2000 9:53 pm

It was a delight to read about and remember the old station. I miss it terribly.
You've done a great job with the site. I'll look forward to any updates.




Post by aleks » Thu Jan 11, 2001 2:26 am

Hey Scott, I like what you did with the site - great job! Thanks for the link to my CFNY site as well. It has a new address at:


Scott MacLean


Post by Scott MacLean » Thu Jan 11, 2001 11:02 pm

Hi Aleks,

I can't take the credit for the graphic design - it was done by my good friend Jeff Goebel over at Frogstar:


But thanks for the compliment. Good to see your site is back up and running again.

Paul from N. Tonawanda,NY


Post by Paul from N. Tonawanda,NY » Wed Jan 24, 2001 8:50 pm

Way to go guys, your effort here is much appreciated. I found some old CFNY lists a year ago and thanks to napster have been on a slow rebuild of the glory days. I'll cherish any playlist you find and post (or more stuff like your sounds link...Great)

Q. for CFNY Alumni, I have been trying to ID a song with very little information other than a shadow of a memory of it, can you help?

It has a vocal sound like Sqeeze ("Cool for Cats")
or maybe Ian Dury("Hit me with your rythm stick")

song partially revolves around making breakfast-sounds of making it in background-the artist is humming a bit-and a refrain says "and a little bit of toast!"

Keep up the good work (Thanks for the link Dave)



Post by Mitch » Thu Jan 25, 2001 1:44 pm


Sad news that Alan Cross is leaving to head off to Y95 as PD.

Does any one no 1> if he will be on air there? and 2> what is happening to The Ongoing History?

Thanks all!

Scott MacLean


Post by Scott MacLean » Fri Jan 26, 2001 12:06 am

Hi Paul,

The song you are talking about is called "Toast", and it is by the Streetband. It was a Pete & Geets staple song, and you can find it on the Pete & Geets Morning Show Music album #1 on this page:

http://www.swedishsecretaries.com/romol ... ntent.html

Scott MacLean


Post by Scott MacLean » Fri Jan 26, 2001 12:09 am

Also Paul,

You can download the MP3 of the "Toast" song from the sounds page on the site here:


George Goode


Post by George Goode » Sat Feb 03, 2001 8:44 pm

I have a few tracks I cannot positively ID so if anyone knows the correct bands or titles for these I would appreciate it.

Vis a Vis - Not sure whether the proper title is
'I am the night' or 'Heart and Soul'

c. 1980 - 1982 Kinetic Ideals? - Fire? (sounds like goth)

Darkroom - Living in the shadows?

?? - Call me (chorus: call me call me no time to hesitate we must communicate call me call me won't you call this number now)

I have sound samples I could provide if anyone thinks they can help on this.


Paul from N. Tonawanda


Post by Paul from N. Tonawanda » Sun Mar 04, 2001 7:34 pm

Another classic CFNY music mystery from an old tape.

Name the group...i'm stumped

My guess is title:"Why Me"
Some lyrics:

I was waiting on the pad
all systems were go
the man up in the tower was enjoying the show
Then I got this feeling
that I never had before
hey let me out of here
what am I here for
why me
why me
there must be a thousand other guys
must be some other way to look good in her eyes
why am I up here
what do they see in me
must be one thousand other places to be
why me


By the way, Thanks for the "Toast" link Scott

....long live the spirit of radio......

Scott MacLean


Post by Scott MacLean » Thu Mar 08, 2001 11:55 am

Hmm. That one is not sounding familiar. However, the Vis a Vis song George mentioned above I think may be called "Shadowland".

Darkroom had a few tracks out, but their most popular one was "Test of Time."

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