Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

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Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

Post by kenf » Sun May 27, 2001 10:33 am

Now and again, someone reports having old (12 or 15+ yrs) tapes of memories we all wish for!

A general reminder: Please make yourself quality BACKUPS of those stored away relics, today not tomorrow! It's far from fun giving an old cassette a last listen, only because it deteriorated after one too many years.


Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

Post by kenf » Sat Aug 23, 2003 12:46 pm

. The same might be said of pre-recorded Canadian music. Trying to find CD format reissues of any early-mid '80s Cdn band is almost impossible.
. Excepting a few (quality?) greatest hits packages by US recognized acts which always leave out (re; Murphy's Law) that one song you really liked.
. Don't hold your breath - Major Int'l Labels aren't going to bother with forgotten small market Canadianna.

example: look at used Platinum Blonde debut album on ebay - it always goes for $US 70 ($100 Cdn).
Gowan, Spoons, Neo a4, Rational Youth, Images in Vogue, Darkroom, ... don't even think about video archives.


Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

Post by Akito01 » Sun Nov 02, 2003 2:04 am

There are definitely some things I want preserved that I have exclusively on tape (the first Electronic Dream Factory release, and the Digit ep cassette, for example). But, perhaps due to a certain degree of ignorance on my part, I'm not sure how to go about transferring these analogue recording to a digital file on my computer. What methods and programs are recommended for this?


Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

Post by Rob » Sat Dec 13, 2003 10:44 pm

platinum blonde's debut CD or vinyl lp sells for that much. if its vinyl im gonna go all over the city and buy all copies to make some cash. i heard alien shores had a cd release but is impossible to find.


Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

Post by Anonymous » Sun Dec 14, 2003 6:08 am

CD is worth that much, not the LP.


Tapes aren't CD's: Always Backup

Post by audiofool » Sun Dec 14, 2003 9:18 am


There are a number of good, affordable programs to convert from analogue to digital, so that you can burn them onto CDs (either as wav files or mp3).

A lot of these (eg. there's Musicmatch and MacMillan Software (or whoever owns them now) offers "Digital CD Recording Studio II , usually available thru your local Staples or Future Shop for around $40.00.

Online, there is also Rosoft Audio Tools (which offers a free trial). see http://www.alexscoupons.com/rosoft.html

I've used the MacMillan one and it does a not too shabby a job.

good luck

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