Video tape recording for radio shows???

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Video tape recording for radio shows???

Post by Rob » Sat Dec 13, 2003 11:11 pm

ok im new here, and have read a few threads where people have mentioned that they have recordings on video cassette. now this is a first for me so can anyone explain what the purpose of this was? how did you do it? what was the sound quality like?

just curious.


Video tape recording for radio shows???

Post by audiofool » Sun Dec 14, 2003 12:31 am

The only reason that comes to mind is the extended recording time of say a T120 vhs tape at a max of 6hrs or 8hrs with a T180 at SLP to that of a standard C-90 audio cassette.

The signal to noise ratio on most hifi machines is around 80-90 db (CD is around 100db) vs the more limited audio cassette at around 52db.

Whether the fact that the audio heads on a VHS hifi machine leaving and re-contacting the tape hundreds of times a second causes a recording of lesser musical integrity is fodder for a different forum.


Video tape recording for radio shows???

Post by Anonymous » Mon Dec 15, 2003 1:22 pm

I have been taping as much of Marsden's 94.9 'the Rock' shows onto video tape. The benefit is that you can tape an entire 5 hour show unniterrupted on a single tape! As noted above, this has the other benefit of being taped at the best signal to noise this side of CD! Note that you definitely have to have a 'HiFi' VCR to get good sound quality - non Hifi VCR's have awful sound quality. These days most VCR's do have Hifi sound, even most in the $100 price range. I find the sound quality good, but then I'm definitely not an 'audiophile' by any stretch of the imagination! Also, at $2-2.50 per tape for 6-8 hours of recording time, the cost per hour of recording time is much better than standard audio tapes! Plus you can set it to record and go and do something else since you don't have to flip the tape every 45-50 minutes!

I simply have the VCR input and outputs hooked into my receiver where you normally would hook up a standard audio tape deck. Works the same for playback and recording from any media (CD, vinyl, radio, etc.) When you are recording only audio if you play back on a VCR hooked up normally to a TV you' might get a blue screen or 'fuzz' and the audio you recorded.


Spirit Admin (Admin)

Video tape recording for radio shows???

Post by Spirit Admin (Admin) » Thu Dec 18, 2003 11:53 pm

I've been recording onto hi-fi videotapes for years - The set of Kneale Mann recordings from Dec 11 through 22, 1989 here: were done by me on hi-fi VHS. A couple of things to note:

- Some VCR's will refuse to record, or more importantly, play back audio if there is no video signal. Plug some video in there when you record the audio - a camcorder, a cable box, whatever.

- Some VCR's, like my venerable old Sony SLV-575UC (14 years and it still works like new) have adjustable input levels, instead of the standard AGC (automatic gain) on most VCR's today. Lets you adjust the input signal to get the best possible sound, using all the available dynamic range available.


Video tape recording for radio shows???

Post by kaos » Mon Apr 05, 2004 6:20 am

Even better are the Sony PCM-501's (If I recall, PCM something though) which were the early incarnation of digital audio. They would record a video signal of the digital bitstream (44.1Khz, 12 or 16 bit selectable) which was CD quality. Or FM quality in this case. Much cheaper than open reel. Only difference between EP & SP mode was 4 hrs recording & slightly more bitstream errors in the slow modes. Very cool device in its day.

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