Don't ditch Josie

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Don't ditch Josie

Postby JFK1980 » Mon Dec 06, 2004 4:12 pm

The girl is spot on and has a top voice so 'let her be'


Don't ditch Josie

Postby realist » Mon Dec 06, 2004 4:34 pm

Spot on at what, sounding like she left school after Grade 8? Top voice,as in adding weird valley-girl emphasis to things?

Don't ditch Josie

Postby Morereal » Tue Dec 07, 2004 3:57 pm

Josie is a tool, and her name should not be mentioned on this site. It's 2004, not 1984.

Don't ditch Josie

Postby Mike » Mon Dec 13, 2004 4:43 pm

She was rough when she first came on air at the Edge. She has come a LONG way, and is well on her way to being a very solid jock. Rome was not built overnight.

Not to say that she's the radio equivalent of Rome, but you catch my drift.

Don't ditch Josie

Postby anonymous » Mon Dec 13, 2004 7:35 pm

Methinks Mike knows Josie personally.

Don't ditch Josie

Postby anon » Mon Dec 13, 2004 11:57 pm

sure, why else would he make excuses for her?

Don't ditch Josie

Postby MikeFromAjax » Fri Jun 03, 2005 11:02 am

Josie Dye rocks, I had the pleasure of meeting her at a Job Fest at the CNE and she is right on. She's Cute, Smart has a Great voice and a great on air personality.

Don't ditch Josie

Postby Anonymous » Fri Jun 03, 2005 12:36 pm

Smart? By what standards? An IQ out of double digits? I've never heard her say anything smart, or sound remotely smart.


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