Alan Cross Officially Sells Out.

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Alan Cross Officially Sells Out.

Postby Anonymous » Thu Apr 15, 2004 1:34 pm

From Frank Magazine, talking about the Steve-O stunt:
Just how angry was Cross at the so-called "outrage" in his studio? Um, not much.
A FRANK mole on the 6:35p.m. westbound GO Train from Union station on Friday March 26 couldn't help but overhear Cross yammering away on his cell phone as they hurtled down the track toward Mississauga.
After telling his listener he did "the craziest thing today" and suspended the morning show hosts because they didn't stop the interview with Steve-O and his Jackass crew, he proceeded to recount the whole sordid "stunt," as he called it.
With a smile, he proceeded to bray about contacting every major newspaper and Web news outlet. "THIS is going to be huge," he told said listener, as well as the rest of that particular GO Train car. Cross copped to taking a copy of the "stunt" into the production studio, cutting it down to a three-minute MP3 file, and ordering staff to send it out to everyone they knew so it could reach the Internet. "Just don't tell them where they got it from," Cross blathered on.
After hanging up, Cross tried to make several more calls and left a message for Blundell at home, telling the host to check out the coverage they were getting on the National Putz website. He instructed another anonymous employee how to deal with questions: "Just follow what Dean has been saying," the stage director commanded.
When contacted by Frank, Cross was a bit more cautious. "[Incidents like these are] whatever you make of them," he said. "The interesting thing about live radio or television is that sometimes stuff happens, and it's often how you react to it that determines the overall perception of the thing."
We'd say a one-day suspension for Blundell and buddies soke volumes about Cross' "reaction," but it was Cross' private conversation in public air space that suggested Cross not only knew what might happen, but milked it for all it was worth.


Alan Cross Officially Sells Out.

Postby Anonymous » Thu Apr 15, 2004 5:04 pm

I kind of suspected the whole thing was a stunt in order to increase ratings for the morning show (Dean Blunder). Thank God I never listen to Sludge 102.

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