Hey Ivar

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Hey Ivar

Postby Anonymous » Sat Oct 16, 2004 2:08 pm

Ivar, since we've long ago lost touch with each other, I'd like to say hi and thanks for the heads-up on "The Stranglers" These guys must be ancient by now 'cause I know I am. Even in my declining years and as a former CFNY announcer who shall remain nameless, I want you to know I still love my alternative/punk/rock/fusion etc.
You Ivar, as a record exec, would be the ideal person to put forth your opinion on downloaded music. I loved playing "The Stranglers" during my tour of duty at CFNY along with all the other albums you brought in from the music dept. Todays radio seems sadly lacking in new music. Now however, I've taken it upon myself to spend countless hours on the internet, to the exclusion of everything else, downloading mp3's. None of these mp3's are illegal, coming mostly from groups featured on labels that have kindly uploaded their music. Another fine source are the miriad of music blogger sites available to everyone. Just type into Google "parent directory mp3 free downloads" and see what you find. I was doing some work around the house this past week and went to my "alternative" section on "windows media player" and listened for two solid days without ever hearing the same song twice. And that was just the "alternative"
section. I could have done the same from my "punk" list, my "hard/metal rock" selections, my "jazz' section and so on and so on. Hundreds of hours of music on my own radio station and no annoying announcer. So Ivar whadayathink. By-the-way Iv, remember the drive home from the CFNY road show at Queens University listening to Sarah Vaughn, Shirley Bassey, Nelson Riddle and like that. Ha! Wait 'til your associates find out you were listening to that. Nice to know you're still out there. Take care dude.


Hey Ivar

Postby I.H. » Tue Oct 19, 2004 3:24 pm

The eagle has landed.

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