Thanks Mr Marsden for your xmas bits

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Thanks Mr Marsden for your xmas bits

Postby Anonymous » Wed Dec 18, 2002 8:12 pm

The high quality of the sessions is welcomed. I've just recently copied my old tapes to CD and plan to put together a best-of-Marsden-xmas bootleg.

I thought you beat me to it, but what is lacking from your offerings are *your* stories/memories/etc between the various tunes. I'll never forget your last xmas special -- not for what you played, but for what you said.



Thanks Mr Marsden for your xmas bits

Postby Spirit Admin (Admin) » Sun Jan 12, 2003 4:32 pm

I passed this on to David. Here is his reply:

Scott – thanks so much for sending these notes along. I really appreciate it and each time it makes me smile.

Please express my thanks to Bri – the writer of this note. Again his comments have made me smile and made me happy. I don’t suppose I can tell you how much it means when I know a listener has remembered. If Bri ever pulls together a bootleg of it all I’d be delighted to have a copy.

Hey Bri – thanks for all that listening. I’m playing around with the idea of going back on the air. I would hope you’d still come by for a listen or two.


Spirit Admin (Admin)

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