Plug - Fri Sept 23 - Skinny Puppy DVD Screening & Releas

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Plug - Fri Sept 23 - Skinny Puppy DVD Screening & Releas

Postby human clone » Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:45 am

Friday September 23rd at Savage Garden Nightclub - Decompression Fridays Presents:
Skinny Puppy :: Greater Wrong Of The Right Live :: DVD Screening and Release Party

After a ten year absence, Skinny Puppy returned to the studio to give us the higly acclaimed new recording "The Greater Wrong Of The Right". Fans were
further rewarded by a tour and incredibly "The Greater Wrong of The Right" tour has been adapted to DVD. Footage was gathered from The Spectrum in Montreal and The Koolhaus in Toronto, those of us in attendance can confirm that it was a near religious experience.

Tracklisting: 1. Downsizer 2. I'mmortal 3. Pro-test 4. Empte 5. Crucible 6. Maggot 7. Vx Gas Attack 8. Warlock 9. Deep Down Trauma Hounds 10.
Hexonexxon 11. Tin Omen 12. Inquisition 13. Hard Set Head 14. Human Disease 15. Harsh Stone White 16. Reclamation (Encores 17. First Brap 18. Convulsion 19. Testure 20. Brap 21. Smothered Hope

Lots of Cool Prizes courtesy of SPV USA
9pm - 10pm Screening of Skinny Puppy Videos
10pm Screening of Greater Wrong Of The Right Live

Savage Garden - 550 Queen St. W. - Toronto

human clone

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