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Flashback Alternatives CD Update

Post by Anonymous » Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:20 pm

Peter Coyle CD is now back in stock.

Tacoma, Washington indie label Know-It-All Records
(www.knowitallrecords.com) is showing the love
in February.

If anybody purchases two copies of New Wave legend
Peter Coyle's
"Reach for the Sun" in February, he or she will have
their name printed in an
upcoming New Wave compilation CD from Know-It-All
Records in association with "Flashback Alternatives"
(www.flashbackalternatives.com), the powerhouse
New Wave radio station based in New Jersey.

"Reach for the Sun" is on sale for $5 at:


Coyle is best known as the vocalist of the Jass Babies
and the Lotus Eaters ("German Girl," "The First
Picture of You," "It
Hurts") as well as co-writing "All I
Want" with Ian Broudie for the Lightning Seeds.

Ordering two copies of "Reach for the Sun" in February
- from CDBaby only - will automatically put your name
in a New Wave compilation CD with the working title of
"Invasion of the Emoticons: Intro to Flashback
Alternatives," scheduled for release this summer from
Know-It-All Records.

"Invasion of the Emoticons" will include Know-It-All
Records' New Wave/alt artists such as the Pin-Up
Girls, Girl In Park, Weather Theatre, Sheila & the
Insects, Machine Age, and Pretty Pop, as well as
contributors like Declaration and Railer.

"We're working on getting some '80s New Wave rarities
in there, too," said Know-It-All Records' A&R
Michael Sutton, who signed Coyle to the label. "There
will be more than 12 bands

All net profits for "Invasion of the Emoticons" will
be given to "Flashback Alternatives."

"It's our way of saying thank you to Program Director
Ed Fishman for
the support he has given to Know-It-All Records,"
Sutton explained. "His brilliant radio station is run
on donations; he has no corporate backing whatsoever.
We need to support independent radio. We're flattered
by his affection for our artists, and we admire his
revolutionary heart; he is keeping the spirit of real
alternative and underground music alive, past and
present, no matter what their geographic origins."

In addition, any unsigned New Wave-styled artist
interested in
contributing a song for consideration on the
"Flashback Alternatives"
CD can e-mail Know-It-All Records' A&R Representative
Michael Sutton
at knowitallmedia@yahoo.com.


Michael Sutton
Know-It-All Records

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