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This is where you add your unidentified song to the list. If you have an MP3 of your song, enter it below. Otherwise, you will just enter a description of your song later.


This service is for 80's and early 90's songs only, the type that would have been heard on CFNY. Songs not of this type will be deleted!!!

This means new wave, electronic, things that would have been played on CFNY. This does not mean electronica club dance music, 80's metal music, or anything else you may wish to post that was not CFNY playlist material. I'm not kidding, any song requests not of CFNY type music WILL be deleted. I'm getting tired of deleting requests from people not understanding this rule. Please don't make me change this board to a verification system where I have to validate every request before it is posted. It's a waste of my time, and delays song ID's for those posting.

PLEASE post requests for only this type of music! Thank you!

Make sure you get your name and email address correct. You will be emailed a confirmation message. As well, when anyone adds a comment to your song, you will be sent an email notifying you. Click on the link in the message to finalize your addition to the list.

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