AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

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AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

Post by kristine »

...so I'm not the only person in Ontario who likes to lament, "well, when I was young, there was this *awesome* station in Toronto that played 'alternative' music before it was called alternative..."

Anyway, I've scrounged the top-whatever lists here in search of a song I've loved for many years, but could not find. Maybe someone here remembers it. CFNY played it around 90-91, I think. I'm 99% sure it was called "Strange Attraction" by a band called I.C.E, or something like that. Of course, when I try to search it anywhere else, all I get is the Cure song of the same title. The lyrics were something like:

We should be together for the voices in my head are calling witches in the weather, and the body on the shore;
We should be together, although nothing lasts forever, I will be the phantom throwing shadows on your door...

It had a drum beat similar to - and was even in the same key as Sinead O'Connor's "Stretched on Your Grave."

Ring any bells? Am I nuts?
Spirit Admin (Admin)

AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

Post by Spirit Admin (Admin) »

Thank you for the compliment!

The only thing that comes to mind is "Stranger Attraction" by Icy Bridge:


AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

Post by Kristine »

*sigh* Thanks for your reply, but t'was not it. This song was from '92 at the latest, probably '90. I'll keep looking.


AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

Post by jwking »

Hey Kristine,

I think I found the song you are looking for. Was it called "strange attractor" by ice-9? It was on the 1991 cfny modern music search.

Try this link! http://www.csclub.uwaterloo.ca/~sfwhite ... tractor.ra

Is that it?

jay king

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Post by Gina »


I also remember that song and I am looking for it. I have it on tape (from the radio) and called it "Strange Attractor" by I-C-E.

I am looking for it on the web. If I find it I will let you know. You can have a copy from my tape if you want, but not best quality, of course.


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Post by ChrisSmith »

Hi, very strange, Strange Attractors was the same song I was going to ask about - the real audio is cool, does anyone have a copy on CD or in mp3 format?? Also, any of the Free At Last comps, or at least the track listings?

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Post by Beale »

It was on the New Music Search CD, I think 1991. It wasn't Ice-9, it was I.C.E.

I thought I had a copy of it, but I don't.

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Post by Josh »

Strange Attractor by I.C.E. also featured a sampled Led Zepplin riff.

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Post by Calculon »

Hey, I can't believe I've stumbled onto this site. Like many others I've been pining for the lost days between 1990-94.
That song correctly identified above as I.C.E"Strange Attractor" also appears on a compilation called "Here comes the Sound Pirates"
It also features some memorable tunes from Squiddly (Squiddly squiddly the unstoppable rhyme animal
I have the cd so let me know if you want an mp3
Great Satan

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Post by Great Satan »

Check out song ID. "7/12/2003 Great Satan (no MP3 clip)"

The Zeppelin tune sampled was Dazed and Confused.

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Post by bakes »

How cool is this place? I just burned a couple of mid 1980s era CDs for a friend and was telling her about how great CFNY was. Then I came here and found the airchecks. I listened to Pete & Geets and Live Earl Jive for the first time since college and literally started crying out of happiness. My coworkers are shooting me some weird-ass looks. I don't care.

Anyone have any 1983-1985 airchecks to post?
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Strange Advancer

Post by Abraxus »

Hi Kristine,

I have the song on an old tape a friend made for me in the early 1990s. The name of the song is \"Strange Advancer\" and it is by I.C.E.
Lyrics are \"We should be together for the voices in my head are calling witches in the weather and the body on the shore...\".

I'm surprised that there seems to be no record of the song anywhere online. I've tried all major search engines. Anyhow, hope this helps!

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Post by wherewereuin82 »

Has anyone found this yet? If not, here it is, found it on a blog:

I.C.E. - Strange Attractor

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Re: AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

Post by leonashanana »

Hi guys,

I have just posted an audio file (taped off the radio) that includes Strange Attractor by I.C.E - you can get it here: http://spiritofmixtape.wordpress.com/au ... -download/

The song appears at 49:36. Not the best quality ever - if anyone has turned up an .mp3, that would rock so hard.

Happy listening!
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Re: AHHHHGH!! I love this site!!

Post by corncob »

the same question vexed me until i was told it was "Love Attractor" by I.c.e., not Strange Attractor like we all thought.

did they release it under 2 different names or has time distorted our memories?
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