Deja Vu

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Deja Vu

Post by Perry »

In 1977 I was stuck in a summer job where I did not have control of the radio. I had to listen to 1050 Chum play Shaun Cassidy's Da Do Ron Ron at least five times a day, Monday to Friday, for two whole weeks. That's when I switched to FM permanently and started looking for that programming that CFNY would shortly provide.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago. I again was stuck in front of a radio without being able to control it. This time I was forced to listen to the EDGE. Instead of Da Do Ron Ron over and over and over it was heavy rock, fronted by a screaming male singer, with drumming characterized by heavy bashing on the cymbals.

I did not hear a single female vocalist in the five hours I was listening.

Where was the variety? Why can't females get their music played? Why are the jocks so dumb? Why are people listening?

I am not bemoaning the loss of cfny as there are lots of alternatives out there. But being exposed to the narrow range of music on the EDGE makes me want to point out:

1) I now understand why the Vijna and Streek threads display such a dearth of reasoned, stimulating discussion;

2) Alan Cross is PD for the money, he gives the corporation what it wants, and he saves his talent for his great history of new music series. (Nothing wrong with that as long as he doesn't pretend it's anything else); and

3) For about 7 years my car radio dial was on 102.1. It never moved except to attempt to improve reception. Now I have 18 pre-sets. And none of them are the EDGE. And I'm not missing a thing.

Hey, if I am off base because I just caught a day that was exceptionally bad, let me know. If there is a great jock or time slot, tell me when I should listen - I'll give it another try.

Deja Vu

Post by Anonymous »


No great jocks, no time slot, don't even try.
Nothing more to see here folks, now move along.

Deja Vu

Post by sammi »

What is even more interesting is how programmed radio has become...everywhere. Radio is really run by big corporations who prey on ignornace and apathy.

For example....I heard U2's 'I will follow' on Q107 one day last week and then later that day I heard it on CFNY and then on MIX99 and then on CHUM. I travelled thorughout Ontario this past weekend and heard the same song on several stations in various cities. Not all stations were owned by one owner either. It's amazing how many times this happens with several songs. It begs the question...who is really running things? And, how stupid do they think we are??

Deja Vu

Post by swerve »

Click above, to hell with everything else.
John Arruda

Deja Vu

Post by John Arruda »

The guy who criticized me for knowing one of the DJs at JackFM listens to Q107, Chum and Mix99. Isn't that right sammi?
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