What do you like? What could be better?


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my responses to your questions, Logic:

#1. The rock staples like Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, STP, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters etc. Great new bands like Arcade Fire, Death From Above 1979, The Killers, Gorillaz, Protest the Hero, Matthew Good etc. Now if this isn't "damn good music", I dunno what is.

#2. Well no response needed really. Just a stupid rhetorical question that fails like a damp squib.

#3. I disagree. You can't judge a Dj's intelligence by what he/she says on air. This is a forum that is meant to be playful and irreverent. Its a radio show for God's sake, meant to be listened in the background during work or the drive. If you want intelligent discussions go listen to a Stephen Hawkins lecture.


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Shouldn't you be mixing into the next song right now?


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We're obviously not going to have to agree to disagree here, because we have different ideas of what "damn good" music is, and what makes a good DJ.

The problem with this "damn good music" is that 6 of the 7 staple bands you mentioned haven't had significant albums in the new millenium.
The problem with the Killers is they play the sh!t out of their singles until everyone is sick of them.
Arcade Fire got regular play on U.S. alternative stations about 6 months before The Edge played them regularly.
You also have to listen through teenage girl music like Simple Plan, Sum41 and Good Charlotte, and mullet rock like Theory of a Deadman, Nickleback and The Trews to hear the "good stuff" on The Edge. There are places online that play all the good stuff without the crap...and an ipod makes it even easier.

As for the DJ thing, by what you've said, you want a physically attractive host, who blends into the background at work or on the drive.
My preference is for a compelling personality that makes me turn up the radio when they come on so I can hear what they have to say. Hopefully they'll make me think, or failing that, make me laugh. For my purposes, Josie just doesn't cut it. I don't give a crap how physically attractive they are.


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Now that's logic!


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I heard Martin old man Streek was finally fired. Can anyone confim this? He is the last CFNY employee/announcer left from the late 80's.


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Perhaps you should sign up for Sirius when it becomes available. The best part is that it is an amazing service with no commercials. How great is that! I think Josie is hot, but her content is tough to listen to sometimes (boring). She has a sexy voice, but does seem a little flakey at times.
Let the critisim of my opinion begin... LoL


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Sirius is the way to go....
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Put me down for Sirius, too. (CBC Radio Three! WOOHOOOOOO!!)

And yeah, the Edge does play some decent new music, but the problem is they keep showing up late for the party. The Arcade Fire were getting raved about in every freakin' blog on the Net, and played all over the US, at least six months before Edge 102 even came close to throwing them into regular rotation. Broken Social Scene -- same damn thing (and I still haven't heard them play squat from the new album yet.) Metric, Stars, Wolf Parade, the Dears, Death Cab for Cutie, and on and so forth: they just have this continual habit of coming in unacceptably far behind the wave. They even picked up on the White Stripes late, for gawd's sake.

The Edge really ought to be a leader in playing interesting new music, especially new Canadian music. But they keep missing the boat.

There is no excuse for the fact that even after Funeral made every music critic's \"best albums of the year\" list at the end of 2004, I still hadn't heard AF on the Edge even once.

And the music industry wonders why people turn to illegal downloading? I had to download the damn thing to find out what the hell all the fuss was about, because the radio station that should have been playing it wasn't.
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Well it seems to me as though satellite and/or internet radio is going to push out LOCAL fm radio out of the popularity scene as technology progresses (cars etc). This thread wil be old school in 5 years. Watch for the owners of all Edge radio stations to have a host of new music avenues for you to explore once the market opens. I'm no radio guy, just a forsight, what do you think?

I Agree, 102 today sucks, but thier job today is to keep atop the New Rock scene and play what the majority want to hear that they can market to (?)
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I dunno...satellite radio is definitely going to change the face of broadcasting, but there are a few reasons why I can't see it killing off AM and FM entirely.

For one thing, not everybody's into the idea of paying for radio. Even as intrigued as I am by satellite radio and as much as I'd love to rush to The Source the day the radios go on the market, being off on disability right now I just don't have the money to spare. And some people do have the money, but just won't be amenable to paying for something they currently get for free.

Secondly, there's still a need for local information, local weather forecasts, local traffic reports, local news headlines, local event announcements, and on and so forth. Sirius and XM in the States have local traffic/weather channels, but the current Canadian license actually disallows the Canadian operations from launching similar services. This may change in the future, but as it stands right now, even if I do subscribe to Sirius I'll still have to turn to a local AM or FM station to find out whether there's a traffic jam on the 401.

I could see satellite ultimately wiping out music stations from the conventional broadcast bands, but there's probably always going to be a place for local radio, albeit in a different format.
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I agree. Sorry I meant with regards to music programming. Plus I see your point with regards to paying for it. I certainly wont be first in line for a home receiver but I can see somewhere along the line it being integrated with sound systems in cars as with other satellite services. Technology moves so quickly. Imagine scanning through hundreds of radio stations, checking your GPS navigation system, while on the cellphone and trying to drive at the same time! (but no smoking!)
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streek update

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streek update. martin who is 47 just shacked up with some girl named Tara who works at edge. shes 23 and just graduated college. could this be the sammi that kept defending him on here? who knew there were groupies in radio.
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Montreal wrote:streek update. martin who is 47 just shacked up with some girl named Tara who works at edge. shes 23 and just graduated college. could this be the sammi that kept defending him on here? who knew there were groupies in radio.
Are you kidding? Even guys who have "a great face for radio" have groupies, just because they talk on the air.

I can remember going into the studio just before 1 am on Saturday nights to do the overnight "board-op" show, and Sheppard would always have these super-tall amazon-like supermodel type women in there hanging out. Weird, because Chris is not the tallest guy in the world.
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Soul Sell Outs

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I think you will find in this day & age that FREEDOM of expression is now just a buzz word........The Station \"DIED\" whem Marsden left....Sure they play beyond q107s 3 CD choices but in this day & age concidering they now sell \"Radio\"(sirus MX)All freedoms of the DJ are out the window..It's what sells...If the people want something differant>GO OUT & \"BUY\"it.....I no longer listen to any radio at all just for that reason.commercializim KILLS.look at xmas........The Edge's problem is it was chewed at both ends so much now it's gone at both ends & hollow in the middle(with a cracked shell)if you want to compare any station to the \"OLD\" standard you can catch a glimpse on 94.9 \"The Rock\"Thurday/friday nites 7-12.David Marsden.Now thats freedom to play what he likes.or flip the coin & listen to q107That Idiot & lobster boy in the \"smoke a fattie\"wish he'd do a bag of \"H\" & just Die!........If someone came up with a use for dog crap.They'd be maketing it!.To me radio was a way of leaving the worldly problems goodbye.I mean it was just you & the it just insites anger.commercials...lousey any Idiot with a computer can mix music(hip hop)& other than \"Just Plain Bad\"what is Rap..........Hell do what I do.Download all the music you it in your car.plug it in to your sterio.....MP3 play it at work......RADIO IS DEAD!.......Thanks for the Memories!!!!!!!If everyone stopped listening...Oh yeah then the'd change!!!!Untill then a bunch of disatisfied listeners can acomplish absolutly nothing....I feel sorry for the kids of today as they have nothing to base any musical roots to.......Look at Hollywood...Brain dead(would you waste money for a theater these days?)TV is the same American Idol....OH woopie someone covering somebody else's song......Karioke is all that is!......Even comercials are aimed at a \"Stupid Level\"........\"MORON CAR INSURANCE\" .Well just keep listening to the Edge....Either someone will push it off..........Or if we're lucky God will bring the comet!.........
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Martin is not 47. He is 41.
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