The Top 102 of 2009

The music played on today's Edge
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The Top 102 of 2009

Post by imriej »

Since this forum hasn't seen a lot of action lately, I thought I'd try and get some thoughts on the latest Top 102.

It seems that a lot of Spirit fans are not tuning in (are we getting too old?), but I'm curious to hear what some of you think. Are there tracks that should be on the list? Shouldn't? ....that kind of thing...

I was going to post a link, but then thought it may be gone one day. If you pay a trip to, you'll also find assorted other lists under the "Music" tab (i.e. Top 200 of All Time, Top 200 of the Decade). But for now, we'll just deal with last year.

So for everyone now and in the future, here is the Top 102 of 2009:

The Top 102 of 2009
for Sunday, January 10, 2010:
1 Silversun Pickups • Panic Switch
2 MGMT • Kids
3 Kings Of Leon • Use Somebody
4 Metric • Gimme Sympathy
5 Pearl Jam • The Fixer
6 Franz Ferdinand • Ulysses
7 Billy Talent • Rusted From The Rain
8 Green Day • 21 Guns
9 The Offspring • You're Gonna Go Far Kid
10 Alice in Chains • Check My Brain
11 The Tragically Hip • Love Is A First
12 Muse • Uprising
13 Weezer • I Want You To
14 Kings Of Leon • Notion
15 Linkin Park • New Divide
16 Metric • Help! I'm Alive
17 Rise Against • Savior
18 Eagles Of Death Metal • Wannabe In LA
19 Cage The Elephant • Ain't No Rest For The Wicked
20 Franz Ferdinand • No You Girls
21 Rise Against • Audience Of One
22 The Airborne Toxic Event • Sometime Around Midnight
23 USS • Laces Out
24 Green Day • Know Your Enemy
25 Foo Fighters • Wheels
26 Arkells • Oh, The Boss Is Coming!
27 U2 • Get On Your Boots
28 Gaslight Anthem • The '59 Sound
29 Phoenix • 1901
30 Them Crooked Vultures • New Fang
31 Alexisonfire • Young Cardinals
32 Yeah Yeah Yeahs • Zero
33 AFI • Medicate
34 Silversun Pickups • Substitution
35 Three Days Grace • Break
36 Pearl Jam • Brother
37 Depeche Mode • Wrong
38 Disturbed • Inside the Fire
39 Champion • Alive Again
40 Death Cab For Cutie • Meet Me On The Equinox
41 The Killers • Spaceman
42 Metric • Sick Muse
43 Green Day • East Jesus Nowhere
44 Beck • Leopard-Print Pill-Box Hat
45 Nine Inch Nails • Not So Pretty Now
46 U2 • Magnificent
47 Arkells • Ballad Of Hugo Chavez
48 Jet • She's A Genius
49 Dead By Sunrise • Crawl Back In
50 Rancid • Last One To Die
51 Spinnerette • Ghetto Love
52 Die Mannequin • Bad Medicine
53 The Offspring • Kristy, Are You Doing OK?
54 Yeah Yeah Yeahs • Heads Will Roll
55 Sam Roberts • Fixed To Ruin
56 Eagles Of Death Metal • Anything 'Cept The Truth
57 Eddie Vedder • Hard Sun
58 30 Seconds To Mars • Kings & Queens
59 Mother Mother • Body Of Years
60 Dead Weather • Treat Me Like Your Mother
61 The Stills • I'm With You
62 Anberlin • Feel Good Drag
63 Thornley • Make Believe
64 Alice In Chains • A Looking In View
65 Radiohead • These Are My Twisted Words
66 Tegan & Sara • Hell
67 Pearl Jam • Just Breathe
68 illScarlett • Take It For Granted
69 Rise Against • Hero Of War
70 Our Lady Peace • All You Did Was Save My Life
71 U2 • I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
72 R.E.M. • Supernatural Superserious
73 Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker • Anti-Venom
74 Wolfmother • New Moon Rising
75 Billy Talent • Devil On My Shoulder
76 Kings of Leon • Sex on Fire
77 Sloan • Believe in Me
78 Rise Against • Re-Education (Through Labor)
79 Linkin Park • Bleed It Out
80 Oasis • The Shock Of The Lightning
81 Matt Good • Last Parade
82 Weezer • Troublemaker
83 Coldplay • Violet Hill
84 K-OS • Burning Bridges
85 The Offspring • Hammerhead
86 Weezer • Pork And Beans
87 Tokyo Police Club • Your English Is Good
88 The Killers • Human
89 Waking Eyes • All Empires Fall
90 Death Cab For Cutie • I Will Posess Your Heart
91 Alexisonfire • Born and Raised
92 Coldplay • Lost!
93 Arkells • Pullin' Punches
94 Alice In Chains • Your Decision
95 Pilot Speed • Put The Phone Down
96 Apocalytica ft. Adam Gontier • I Don't Care
97 City And Colour • The Girl
98 Coldplay • Viva La Vida
99 The Junction • My Love Was There
100 Death Cab For Cutie • Cath...
101 Bif Naked • Sick
102 Cage The Elephant • Back Against The Wall

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Re: The Top 102 of 2009

Post by swerve »

Although I stopped listening to CFNY many years ago ( early 90's ), 1987 was the last year it was great, it wouldn't surprise me at all if much of what is discussed / can be sampled at:

The New Wave Outpost Website


New Wave Outpost Message Board

click on:

Next Wave

would pretty much sum up all kinds of music that should either be on this list or at the very least be aired.

This forum sees very little action ( previous post was 2005 ) mainly due to the station not exploring enough of a sonic landscape.

For many years now the station has focused it's sound on aggressive rock ( 4 angry white guys ) bass, guitars, drums.

I remember when I was interning 5 years after the glory days of 1978-1987, the station at the time got all giddy about the fact that Q 107 had decided not to add "The Witch" from The Cult to their playlist.

CFNY gave up being adventurous 23 years ago.
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Re: The Top 102 of 2009

Post by imriej »

Your sentiments are echoed by many, swerve. To me, perhaps a quarter (maybe less) of the songs listed are worthy.

We all know music progresses and the station is now "corporate", playlisting what we SHOULD hear, not what we WANT to hear. Even attempting some sort of street cred from playing "most blogged" artists seems like they're playing "catch up" - always the follower, never the leader.

Enough whining! :-) The internet has given us a whole world of alternatives. Personally, I've come to appreciate Australia's Triple J, a national station (what CBC Radio 3 should be) boosting they're own artists as well as the world's. Their programming tastes are quality, to my ears.

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Re: The Top 102 of 2009

Post by NEILL »

I agree with all of the above comments for sure. I only tune in sporadically myself and find that the station, as expected, simply does not cater to our demographic. It sucks to get older ! I don't mind some of the newer artists but I grow weary of listening to the new teen angst and emo very quickly, especially when repeated over and over....

What I find both interesting ,and sad at the same time, is that the very station that played a broad free-format playlist back in the day (and expanded my mind to an amazing array of musical tastes which I am grateful for) now has regressed into a one-dimensional repetitive outlet for guitar rock, Fair enough,times do change, but the moniker "the Edge" was far more suited to the old format than today's.

CFNY ,in it's glory days, WAS the "edgiest".....where else could you hear Johnny Clegg, John Cooper Clarke, Linton Kwesi Johnson as well as U2 (when they didn't suck), OMD, UB40, Be Bop Deluxe....and on and on....I even find the present on-air personalities unimaginative and humourless compared to the on-air talent in the days of old.
At least with our personal collections, and the internet (check Ed-Fm and Marsbar Theatre) we can still enjoy "the spirit of radio".
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