Tuesday/Thursday Night Live

All about the music played on the Spirit
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Tuesday/Thursday Night Live

Post by ralph »

Remember this show? Does anyone have any tapes of the concerts that used to be played on Tuesday/Thursday nights? Or even a list of what was played or recorded over the years? Anyone have access to the CFNY vaults of tapes that they made of other shows?

I have some incomplete shows from unknown dates:

Echo & The Bunnymen (likely from the Toronto date of an Ocean Rain tour 84/85ish)
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions (likely from the Toronto date of an Easy Pieces tour in the same time frame)
I know that a CFNY also did a recording of an early Peter Murphy Toronto date (mid to late 80's) from a couple tracks included on a CD single with the recording credited to CFNY

Anyone feel like searching through their old tape vaults to see if they have anything interesting to trade?

Can you tell that my car's CD player is broken so I've been forced to rummage through my old cassette collection for something worthwhile to listen to?


Tuesday/Thursday Night Live

Post by Poutiner »

Someone should put these shows out on CD, kind of like the John Peel sessions. They could make a fortune! More importantly, we could get to hear them all again!

Tuesday/Thursday Night Live

Post by audiofool »

I'd have to do some looking, but I think I have the complete Stranglers concert as well as a Joan Armatrading from 1981.
A friend of mine used to have the Bill Nelson TNLive concert on tape.... don't know where he is or the tape is now.
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