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FAST Sendgrid Checker

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 3:40 pm
by SGridSntcha


I am here to offer you a exclusive new tool I have developed to check Sendgrid accounts in bulk! Utilizing Twilio/Sendgrids very little known and latest API, you can check accounts at INSANE speed and accuracy. Accepting both Username:Password and Email:Password combolists, this tool is extremely efficient and low maintainence. You can easily achieve speeds of 5k+ CPM (Checks per minute) WITH PAID PROXIES. There are 3 proxy provider recommendations in the Readme.txt file included with the program. All of which provide different products and services.

Some features you can expect to experience whilst using our tool:

-Lightning fast checking speeds, capable of going well over 5k+ CPM with just 100 threads!
-Multithreaded checking capabilities and low CPU consumption
-Proxy support (HTTP/HTTPS only at the moment, with SOCKS 4/5 coming soon!)
-Extremely detailed capture. With over 15 different data points inclusive with each hit.
-Marks account status, so that you immeadiately know what accounts are useable for your campaigns. Seperates "active", "provision needed", "provisioning fail", "deactivated", "billing terminated", "suspended" account status flags.
-Lifetime product support and updates.

You can see the product and its reviews at HERE